EDITORIAL: Students need to protect Cabrini

By defaultuser
March 20, 2003

A high school student on a tour of Cabrini requested to sit in on the editorial meeting for this issue. As usual, the editorial board pitched story ideas and debated story placement. First on the agenda was to find the best ways to localize the war with Iraq. The guest sat at the table with the editors, listening attentively. After the editors settled on a variety of localized war-related stories, we discussed potential front-page stories. Clearly, the threat that was left on the voicemail of a Xavier Hall Resident Assistant this past Saturday was the headlining story. In the threat, the digital voiceover referred to the hate crimes that headlined the Feb. 27 edition of Loquitur. We agreed that the “threat story” should run on the front, too.

With no time to hide the truth, we spoke candidly in front of the guest about the excessive amount of irresponsible actions that have happened at Cabrini over the past year. It almost seemed unfair that the guest who came to tour Cabrini on a beautiful day had to hear about the embarrassing actions of some students. But it is the truth and the guest should know the real Cabrini.

Since we have been in our positions as editors, the big stories casting a dreary shadow on Cabrini began with the “fecal phantom” and inebriated students leaving body-sized holes in a house six wall at the end of last year. This year, the holes-in-the-wall trend has continued and escalated. Vandalism in the independent-living apartments reached the point that forced public safety to install a desk at the front door. Windows have been broken across campus and the property of the college and of students has been stolen. Now, in the most recent outburst of inexcusable behavior, a hate crime was plastered on a wall in Xavier Hall and, if that wasn’t disgusting enough, a faceless threat cleared the rooms of Xavier leaving students afraid to reenter the building. The disgrace began with careless drunken antics and now a Cabrini hate crime received regional coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Students, where does this bottom out? How much worse do we let the situation become?

As easy as it easy to point to the administration for answers, careless students are at the root of the problem. If any of the students pulled these stunts at home, they would be living by the mailbox in a cardboard box. At home, there is consequence. Cabrini just wants money, which the students complain about. How can an entire house be fined for the foolish actions of a few? It is all the college can do when no one comes forth to take blame or point officials in the right direction. Cabrini students seem to follow the mafia code of honor, turning their heads on serious punishable issues. The innocent students need to stand up for Cabrini. Do not let careless, attention-deprived imbeciles destroy your college experience.

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