EDITORIAL: Spring fever takes over

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April 14, 2005

We have reached that point of the year, the time where student lifestyle begins to slow-down just when instructors need it to speed-up. Former tough decisions for students between work and play evolve into a lopsided competition in favor of play. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the professors on campus who have the daunting task of retrieving their students’ attention from the sun and bringing it back to the classroom.

Each year, Cabrini hosts an event titled spring fling, which alerts the student body that there is one last hurdle of finals approaching and the summer months are within reach. Some students run around the last hurdle and dive right into summer, while the more diligent remain focused on finishing out the semester.

Promotions and word-of-mouth orchestrated by the Campus Activities Programming (CAP) Board title the 2005 spring fling as “the best fling ever.” The venue contains an impressive list of activities never seen before on the school campus.

The Bouncing Souls, a rather successful and well-known band, will be headlining the concert portion of the fling. To an outsider of the school, this booking may not seem too impressive. One must consider, however, that the Bouncing Souls are basically the most recognized band to ever appear at the small campus.

Much praise is to be given for those responsible for planning the 2005 spring fling. Those of us that have been here for a few years never witnessed such intense anticipation. In the days approaching the event, there has been a constant buzz of high expectations and eagerness.

Similar traditions of holding springtime extravaganzas transpire at colleges and universities around the world. Even in comparison to spring festivities at other schools, Cabrini’s spring fling has an edge on the rest of the pack. The edge is that there is far more pride in the Cabrini spring fling, even though fellow institutions events are mostly better funded and organized.

The students at Cabrini contain a greater amount of dignity in this day because it is the single 12-hour period each year where Cabrini College actually resembles a college. All of the sudden, Cabrini students willingly invite visitors from far and wide to their campus without fear of their friends having a bad time.

In the past, we hesitated to invite friends to Cabrini due to the unusually strict regulations in comparison to other institutions such as Penn State or University of Delaware. Events comparable to spring fling occur every weekend at other schools and it really isn’t too big of a deal for them.

Music, barbecues and never-ending kegs are the average students dream-environment of college. Students have delusions of huge house parties that constantly arise and campus security interferes only when needed. Although we see this fantasy-world in many other places, we do not see it at Cabrini, except for that one-day: spring fling. It is important as students to keep this tradition of pride in spring fling alive, even if it is only for a day.

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