Editorial: Share the wealth of your holidays

By Editorial Board
December 7, 2000

The snow will fall, the Christmas carols will be played and the stores will be filled with anxious shoppers trying to figure out the perfect gift to buy the in-laws. But through all of this mayhem the sound of an oh-so-familiar distant ringing can be heard. As you leave the stores and enter the wintry cold that ringing bell becomes louder and even more familiar. It is the jingle of a Salvation Army bell held by a volunteer bundled up to avoid hypothermia.

These volunteers have been a memory of Christmases of the past for more years than any of us can remember. As our parents dressed us in our “outing” clothes and took us to the malls we passed by with ignorance. We would walk into the local Acme ignoring the meaning behind these volunteers. They stood through the cold and icy days for those people who had less and who were suffering during this joyous holiday. This is a holiday that can bring pain to those who can not afford to have the extensive Christmas that we all are accustomed to.

Whether it be in a nice house with a huge feast or in a tiny home with just the loved ones around many of us have taken for granted all that we have. The Salvation Army has placed these volunteers around our cities and towns to bring us closer to the joy that Christmas provides. They do not shove this donation down our throats, rather they ring their little bells with smiles on their faces and a warm hearts that keeps them from noticing the people who just walk by amidst the snow that is falling on their wool hats. These donations help brighten the holidays for children who will not be getting “Poochy,” the electronic dog this year. Take the change from your pocket and make a contribution to this human effort to bring Christmas to all. In the spirit of the holiday season, make a donation.

These volunteers are often overlooked and the least you can share with them is a smile. The feeling that envelops a person after they have given a donation is reason enough to help these volunteers. The extra bonus is that somebody else might be smiling during the holidays because of your unselfish deed.

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Editorial Board

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