Editorial: More students, more construction expand Cabrini

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September 9, 2005

The expansion continues at Cabrini for the 2005-2006 school year. The SET building’s grand opening, the West Residence Hall in construction and a 33 percent increase in this year’s incoming class population are obviousevidences of the substantial growth.

Roughly 600 freshman and transfer studentshave chosen Cabrini College, nearly double the enrollment of just four years ago. Our small campus now reaches out to 16 different states and even 3 other countries.

There have been more applications sent into the Cabrini campus than ever before. Arrivingwith the record-breaking class of 2009 also isintelligence. According to statistics, the average SAT score was 30 points higher than the previous class, even with such a large popula-tion.

For the most part, an upbeat and optimistic freshman class has been witnessed. Typically wearing the Cavalier blue and steadily taking in the Cabrini environment are some of the daily habits of the class of 2009.

It is a breath of fresh air on the campus inresponse to the school disapproval rate amongupper classmen. Unaware of how Cabrini was in the past, the freshman class has accepted the crowded conditions thus far with patience.

We cannot, however, forget the number of students in the past and present who were forced to move-off campus for their third or fourth year of school after paying tens of thousands of dollars towards Cabrini.

All the production and progress will hopeful-ly create a school that will no longer be labeled as a “suitcase school,” where students religiously return home for the weekends. A lively campus with a plethora of activities on the weekend is the aspiration of many school leaders and students alike.

Growing numbers of students surely generates large sums of revenue. If the growing number of students enrolling at the school is to be accommodated, then the money must be allocated to create an exciting and positive environment.

There are still troubling issues at Cabrini such as the price for parking and cramped quarters. The parking issue is a completely different topic, but the school definitely has the chance right now to change the suitcase-school-past to one of pride and anticipation for the small Rad-nor campus. As of now, there seems to be quite a bit of activity bubbling on campus, but only time will tell how the school handles such a large mass of people.

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