Editorial: Loquitur thanks everyday heroes in the face of devastation

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September 16, 2005

The tragedies the citizens of the United States have persevered through in recent years have been nothing short of overwhelming. As we all know, the Sept. 11th attacks, the war on terror and the recent devastation inflicted upon the gulf region of America has undoubtedly put our country to the test.

The everyday citizens of America responded to these events by boldly answering them the way they should have: as human beings. The spotlight was taken off the typical politician and the actions of the average citizen were viewed by our entire global society during each incident.

Ordinary Americans displayed compassion and courage, sometimes resorting to desperate measures in critical periods of distress and mayhem.

It is the people first on the scene that deserve praise for their initial efforts. Without trying to deny or ignore the additional efforts of those who eventually lent a hand, it is imperative we stress the bravery of those who initially took the huge problem head-on.

The courageous local officials of New York City and its caring citizens who sacrificed themselves for others throughout the Sept. 11th attacks.

The passengers of flight 93 who refused to let their plane be another suicidal bomb aimed at our nation’s capital.

And our soldiers in Iraq who continuously display courage in the face of attacks from unknown attackers while attempting to improve living conditions for Iraqis.

Most recently, we have seen the citizens of our Gulf Coast helping, binding together, and slowly overcoming the extreme conditions which they have had to face.

As stated before, the majority of the people first to help are everyday citizens transformed into heroes of their own time. They did not stand by and wait for a government reaction, nor did they let fear paralyze their actions.

Politics and material distractions of our society were immediately forgotten. These people, just like you and I, went back to their most basic human instincts: survival, compassion and helping one another.

Although they have been praised by many thus far, the Loquitur would also like to extend gratitude to the everyday heroes. Praise not only for their bravery, but also for reminding the rest of the population what the United States is truly built upon: the people.

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