EDITORIAL: Housing process needs reform

By Staff Writer
September 16, 2004

Do you remember the whole complaint behind upperclassmen being moved to Harcum? Well, the students do and that is why most of them found alternative housing outside of Cabrini. Students can now be found at apartment complexes anywhere between the Marquis and Kingswood apartments.

Now you ask what happened to Harcum and all the rooms they rented? Harcum now houses one individual although the college has invested in 40 rooms.

Certainly, Cabrini did not take into account the consequences that would occur if the seniors became too annoyed with the housing process. Most students just became fed up with the housing system and took matters into their own hands.

The college failed to acknowledge the possibility of students opting to choose other off-campus housing facilities as opposed to Cabrini’s selection. Who could blame them? They were already forced to commute so why not decide to live in a house that would provide more independence from the college.

Not only did the students who decided not to move into Harcum negatively hurt the school financially but their decisions also disrupted the order of how Residence Life was handing out rooms to other Cabrini students.

Now there is an unbalance in room occupancy. Some students live in triples, doubles and even a single. Where is the fairness of an individual living in what would be considered a triple be allowed to pay what they would have had the room been a triple.

Residence Life dropped the ball when it came to housing for students. When it comes to housing for next year, Residence Life needs to understand it is a competitive market.

All these topics relate to one thing– the budget. Cabrini lost money on renting the rooms at Harcum. By frustrating seniors to the extent that they chose housing off-campus, the college lost a good deal of money.

The housing process failed this year due to the obvious loophole being that students don’t necessarily have to leave here. If the students don’t like their choices, they will ultimately find other means of housing to suit their needs.

Besides losing financially on Harcum, Residence Life has to figure out how to distribute expenses fairly to students living on-campus.

The housing system collapsed this year. Residence Life needs to regroup and find ways to prevent this from occurring again.

A realistic number for incoming freshmen along with adequate housing must be carefully planned and organized. By doing so the college will be prepared to distribute housing fairly.

Posted to the web by Cecelia Francisco

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Staff Writer

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