Editorial: Future of America needs to take responsibility

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September 12, 2002

Chris Jones

It has been one year since the day that changed the world we had known up to then. In that time, our nation has reunited with a more evident sense of patriotism under a proud government that is trying to make the right moves. But what happens from here and what do we have to say about it?

Currently, President Bush is searching for a reason to engage in war against Iraq. At this point, it seems like he has little to base the attack on, other than the possibility that Iraq could produce weapons of mass destruction with aid from outside nations. Despite being told by experts and leaders of allied nations that now is not the time, Bush continues his attempt to persuade allies to join our force to eliminate what may or may not be a timely threat. Bush still sees the green light while the world is flashing red.

We are not far from a long-lasting war against a vicious enemy, if President Bush has his way. For some reason, this has yet to alert the minds of the future – our minds. As college students, too many of us fail to pay attention to what could be the most important decision of our life because of the lame excuse that we are college students.

Get too drunk and say bad things – we are college students, it is okay.

Sleep through class and fabricate some excuse – hey, simple mistake, after all we are 20 years old.

Neglect our responsibility to vote and end up being drafted into a debatable war that could last into our midlife – too late, we had our chance.

As we reflect on the past year in all its terror, unity and glory, we need to take responsibility for our actions. We need to keep up with the news. We need to debate what we want our country to do. Vote. And if you happen to clip someone while driving on campus, stop and take responsibility. Learn from Sept. 11. We never know what can happen tomorrow. We need to take part today and act responsibly.

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