EDITORIAL: Examining safety concerns on campus

By Staff Writer
October 21, 2004

Recent events at LaSalle University have raised the question of safety amongst college students. Although Cabrini College is a fairly safe environment, the security of its students should always be a top priority.

Cabrini has not truly felt any real effects from the LaSalle incident involving rape except to learn what to avoid in cases like that. The campus has never really been labeled as a having a fearful atmosphere.

The only lingering issue has been the lighting around the campus. For those late nights of walking alone in the dark from the Dixon Center back to the apartments or dorms the feeling outside is understandably intimidating.

Of course, there are always two options. The first choice would be to arrange a time to walk back with a friend. If this is not possible, the other alternative is to call Public Safety for a ride back to the dorms or apartments.

What Cabrini needs to take from the LaSalle situation is that for every system implemented for safety there will be flaws. The college needs to evaluate how they can increase awareness for safety fears.

Unlike the past year where Cabrini had several violence-related incidents, this year the attitude among students has been reasonably toned down. Whereas last year the Radnor police were a common element at Cabrini, this year so far there have been few times when their assistance was needed.

Cabrini’s assessment of itself should see how well students could approach professors and coaches with serious information and be properly dealt with. The problem with the LaSalle rape was that the coaches attempted to keep the situation under the radar.

Safety concerns are not so much an issue with Cabrini students. To reinsure that the college is a secure place for its students, Cabrini has to check that a student’s concerns are being heard and not pushed aside.

Because Cabrini’s student population and size are relatively small, the safety of the campus should be properly handled. Cabrini needs to prepare itself adequately in safety measure for any future problems that may occur.

Ultimately, the student themselves must prepare himself/herself for any possible situation that may arise. The best way to be safe is to protect yourself from the elements of danger instead of relying on someone else.

Posted to the web by Ryan Norris

Staff Writer

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