EDITORIAL: College is what you make of it

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February 26, 2004

On Saturday, Feb. 21, the Student Government Association sponsored the Winter Formal at the Renaissance Hotel in Philadelphia. Two hundred and fifteen tickets were sold, over 50 more than last year. As the clock struck 12, the expression on everyone’s face was sheer delight-the formal was spectacular.

The members of SGA put their blood, sweat and tears into making this year’s formal one to remember fondly. Their hard work and dedication paid off-students who would normally never set a foot on a dance floor were enjoying themselves. Students were proud to be representing Cabrini College that night.

The school spirit that shone through at Saturday’s formal could only be matched by the bubbling enthusiasm at the men’s and women’s quarterfinal basketball games on Tuesday, Feb. 24. The Dixon Center was packed with students, parents, faculty and staff alike, all with one central theme in mind-to support Cabrini College.

This is your college-you make what you want out of it. Sitting in your dorm room complaining about nothing to do on campus is only going to lead down the road to boredom. Instead of beating up your campus, like some idiotic people did over the weekend when several car windows were broken on Residential Boulevard, take advantage of what the school has to offer. No one benefits from not being involved.

When you graduate, you want to continue to be proud of Cabrini. We are all in this together. All of our degrees will say Cabrini College on them. The more you support different areas of the college, the better the reputation of the college, which will up the value of our degrees. By supporting one another, whether it is athletics, academics or extracurricular, you are only making the college better. It is what you make of it that forms your college experience.

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