Editorial: Call for maturity and respect on campus

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April 24, 2003

It was a prank. It was a gag. It was a joke. It was vandalism. It was defacement. Call it what you will, but it was unnecessary, and it affected the campus community.

On the day the majority of the student body had left for Easter break, the facilities crew was crowded around the cement Cabrini College sign at the intersection of Eagle and King of Prussia Roads, power spraying and scraping away the grey and white paint that was splashed all over the sign.

As college students, we rarely think of the repercussions of our actions and whom it affects. The recent incidents of last Wednesday is a prime example of this.

On a nice sunny day, when facilities could have been tending to the grounds and repairs of the college without the weather bein,g a factor for once, they were, instead erasing the paint from the sign as motorists, stopped at the intersections traffic light, looked on.

The cleanup will not come for free, either. The needless work that facilities had to endure came at a price the college has to pick up, and it may fall on the students’ shoulders.

We are college students, but more importantly, we are adults. The latest immature delinquency that has occurred is an embarrassment to the college and gives a false impression of the majority of mature, educated adults that attend and work at the college.

This is our home, our workplace, and our everyday environment; we should take pride in it. These kinds of childish antics should have been left at the door when we graduated high school and entered into adulthood. We are in an institution that challenges our mind and body.We should not make unnessary challenges that affect others in a negative way.

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