Editorial: Cabrini’s winning spirit grows

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March 27, 2003

A panoramic photograph shot from the roof of Grace Hall showing the construction site for the Science and Technology Center and the athletic fields on game day would capture a scene of unprecedented growth at Cabrini.

Looking at the photo, the left side would only show a temporary chain-link fence surrounding tree stumps and fallen branches cleared for construction. But in 2004, the tree stumps will be replaced with students and the fallen branches with benches and eye-catching landscape. The new center will attract more science majors, enhancing Cabrini’s reputation as a well-rounded academic institution. The college promises this center will bring Cabrini to the forefront in recruiting the best and brightest students – a sure sign of growth.

The right side might include a scene like this past Sunday when the men’s lacrosse team hosted Ohio Wesleyan, ranked number 10 in the nation. As the teams warmed up, nearly 400 fans rushed to get a seat, and when the bleachers were full they shuffled for a spot to stand. Although the Cavs lost, the change in the ambiance of the college was written on the faces of the spirited crowd.

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