EDITORIAL 2: As spring fever infects, do not forget priorities

By defaultuser
April 10, 2003

As you are lying in bed watching television and putting off that six page paper that is due the next day, a weather report interrupts the regularly scheduled program. It is the beginning of spring and they are calling for snow.

The mix of warm weather and rainy days causes students to take a relaxed attitude towards many things-one of them being college. With over a month left of school, students are still going to be faced with the same papers, tests and WebCt posts they encountered at the beginning of the spring 2003 semester.

This is especially important for the graduating seniors. Many seniors are developing “senioritis”-a condition which causes the senior to become sluggish in their school work and take an apathetic approach towards college. Employers look at every semester a student has completed-they do not exclude the final one because the weather was warm and eight semesters was one too many.

The snow that happened this week should serve as a reminder to students that the academic year is not over. As the days get longer and the birds chirp louder, students slack off in their school work-but they still have a ways to go.

Posted to the web by Matthew Cavalier


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