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November 15, 2001

Once Halloween hits, there is no running; the holidays are upon us. They arrive like an express train, one right after the other. Thanksgiving is next week, which means most of us will be surrounded around a turkey dinner and pumpkin pie dessert. Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Sure you know the story. There is no need to go into detail about an event that we begin to learn about continuously throughout years of schooling. There is no need to emphasize how the holiday centers on the self-explanatory theme of thanks, is there?

So how could, after so many years, we still be ungrateful and oblivious to the gifts put in front of our faces?

Cabrini College offers a libel arts education, designed to help one gain knowledge both in and outside of the classroom. Yet the opportunities for one to accomplish this form of education is seen as an experience of extra-credits points for class, rather than gaining the knowledge of the real world.

We are supposed to be a character building school. So how are we building this character? At Cabrini Day last week, a LARGE percentage of attendants up and left after the first presentation. The forum was not over, let alone had even begun, but people had already dismissed themselves. By the time the forum came to an end with a ceremony to honor its finest student leaders, the once jammed pack, unseat able crowd was long gone and the empty space was no longer filled with students. The absence of the attendants was not a surprise; these students did their job. They signed the registrar’s sign-in sheet. They gained their extra credit points. However, the purpose was not fulfilled. Students left the forum with the same attitude they had before getting out of bed. Might as well have stayed in bed.

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