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November 1, 2001

Racism. We are the only species that has ever segregated within ourselves based on color. Yet, we acknowledge ourselves as the superior race. At one point in time, we even distinguished that one race was so inferior, they were treated as slaves, rather than actual human beings. After the brutality of slavery ended, segregation of people by the color of their skin was instilled. Finally, in 1964, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that no man or woman could legally be segregated based on the color of his or her skin, his or her sex, or by his or her religion.

Affirmative action was introduced into society after all areas of the country were segregated. This was instilled to give all people equal opportunity. In the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 Survey, 77 percent of people living in the United States were found to be White. Twelve percent of our population was found to be African-American. One percent was found to be American Indian. Four percent of the population was found to be Asian and thirteen percent of the population named themselves as either Hispanic or Latino. Cabrini College strives to maintain a diverse mix of students, staff and faculty based on the mix from the general population derived from Census surveys.

Should our school admit students just to fit the mold of our nation’s various ethnicities as stated by the Census Bureau. While affirmative action means well, sometimes it seems as if it is forced onto a group of people. Personality, skill and motivation should be the main factors used when looking into a person for a job or admission to a school. Skin color should not be.

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