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September 11, 2003

Most colleges, on any given Thursday night, have seen its share of drunken fools. But the past two Thursdays have been ridiculous at Cabrini, and that can be attributed to a handful of people who do not know how to control their alcohol.

On Thursday, Aug. 29, students were cited for drugs, fights and alcohol poisoning on campus. A public safety officer was sent to the hospital after trying to get in the middle of the fight and he now wears a sling on his arm.

On Thursday, Sept. 4, the CAC was cleared out because of out-of-control students on the third floor. Public Safety repeatedly asked students not to carry their drinks in the hallway, yet students continued to do so in, right in front of Public Safety and the RAs on duty.

This outright disrespectfulness is unacceptable. Those few reckless and irresponsible students are ruining it for the other students who want to have a good time and who do it responsibly.

While the majority of blame should be put on the careless student, the residents of the houses and the CAC should also share a small part of the blame. These resident’s are the ones who signed their guest in and let underage, uncontrolled freshmen in. The residents should keep an eye on who enters into their room or apartment-if it’s someone you don’t know, don’t let them in, it’s as simple as that.

While many students say that the RAs and Public Safety are too harsh, the Loquitur staff takes a different standpoint. We feel that RAs and Public Safety go on rounds to keep everything under control, but when students fight and stumble around drunk in the hallways, RAs and Public Safety cannot and should not look the other way. This is not them being control freaks, it is them doing their jobs, and students should respect that.

We are all adults now. Just because we have entered college and have more freedom, does not mean we can abuse that freedom. Grow up and start having fun in responsible ways, like adults are supposed to do.

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