Earth Day shows students’ waste

By Staff Writer
April 27, 2006

On April 22, the world will celebrate Earth Day. To get ready for Earth Day 2006, Cabrini College had an environmental awareness campaign where teachers from different departments set up computers in the Dining Hall so students could complete quizzes to find out how much of the earth’s resources they use from the environment.

The Earth Day network is sponsoring the quiz at called The Ecological Footprint Quiz. This quiz estimates how much productive land and water needed to support the usage of each person and what each person discards according to the website.

“This is an activity for the students to find out what resources they use and how much of the world’s resources they consume in the environment. The results they get are usually very astounding,” Dr. Melissa Terlecki, assistant professor of psychology and one of the coordinators for the event, said.

The quiz consists of 16 questions in including age, gender, how often animal based products are eaten, how much waste is generated compared to neighbors, size of home, transportation and how many miles per gallon your car gets.

After answering these questions, a Footprint is calculated, which includes how many acres of food, transportation, shelter, goods and services the quiz taker accumulates in their life time. The average Footprint is 24. The Footprint is an acre of biologically productive space with world-average productivity according to the Earth Day website.

Along with the total Footprint received is a diagram of how many planet Earths would be needed if everyone in the world lived the exact way of the quiz taker.

Jeanine Germano, a sophomore educational studies major, received a total of 15 for her Footprint. If the world lived exactly like she does, there would have to be 3.4 planets.

“I don’t think my total could have been accurate because I was not prepared for the questions that were asked and I wasn’t sure how to answer. I don’t think I use that much waste,” she said.

With a total of 21 for her Footprint, Lauren Connor, a sophomore psychology major, would need for there to be 4.6 planets if everyone was to live just like her.

“I didn’t realize that I create that much waste. I’m going to try to fix this problem; I don’t know if I can go through with it but I’ll definitely try,” Connor said.

Freshman pre-nursing major Caitlin Dawson had a total of 17 for her Footprint and there would need there to be 3.9 planets. “It makes you think about it but even after taking this quiz and seeing how much waste a single person generates I don’t think that there is going to be much change,” she said.

Cortney Cohen, a freshman pre-nursing major, had a total of 23 for her Footprint which is about the average number people have for their Footprints. She would need 5.2 planets if everyone lived the precise way that she does.

Cohen said, “You sort of feel bad about yourself because you realize how much waste you produce in the world.”

Dawson added, “I think that if there a bunch of people willing to go out and change the problem there would be a bigger chance of a change in the world.”

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Posted to the web by Shane Evans

Staff Writer

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