Early vandalism caused by freshmen or phantom students

By Cristin Marcy
September 4, 2003

Steph Mangold

There was way too much destruction the first weekend back to campus and can some of it be blamed on the new students on campus-the freshmen? Sure it was the first time everyone was together in a long time, but does not give people the right to break windows or tear down decorations or have a Public Safety officer sent to the hospital.

Already the trust of the students is being destroyed before it is even established. One would think the upperclassman would have learned their lesson last year when the destruction happened all throughout campus.

I think it is important that students take responsibility for their actions. There are no excuses. Take drinking for instance, most of this campus drinks but not everyone goes around and breaks windows or even starts fights, no matter what year one is. But it seems in my experience in the past week that freshmen have caused many problems on campus.

I think one of the main problems right now are freshmen coming in and wanting to party with the upperclassmen. They do not know the unwritten rules of the campus and are doing things that are going to get the upperclassmen in trouble and revoke the rights of the people in the houses and the apartments.

Living in the apartments is a privilege for juniors and seniors and because of the irresponsibility of the new disrespectful freshmen, the rights of the people are going to be taken away. Many of the freshmen either walk right past security or do not sign in or they get there before the guard gets on duty, most of the time no one really wants them there; they just are.

I think many of the freshmen on campus need to be put in their place. It is not the entire freshman class that is annoying. I have met a few that have been respectful. But someone needs to lock some of them up in Woodcrest and Xavier until they learn to hold their liquor and be more responsible.

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Cristin Marcy

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