Eagles mania

By Sean McNabb
November 13, 2003

KRT Campus

Eagles fans are notorious for being unruly and even out of control. Their spirit defies and exudes the norm; it transcends spirit and tips towards mania. Eagles fans have become infamous for their past acts, which separates them from the crowd of all other NFL fans.

The Philadelphia fans have become infamous not only for cheering, but also for booing; the Eagles fans booed Santa Claus, cheered when Michael Irvin lay nearly paralyzed on the Vet’s turf with a career ending injury, threw batteries at St. Louis Cardinals’ outfielder J.D. Drew, and booed third baseman Mike Schmidt.

Eagles fans have an especially low tolerance for failure and will always let people know when they think that a wrong decision has been made. When the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb in 1999, the Eagles fans booed to their hearts content, as McNabb was not their top choice. As a result of the Eagles fans actions, Veterans Stadium was the first major sporting arena to contain a judge and jail inside the stadium.

Veterans Stadium seemed to embody the spirit of Eagles fans. It was loud and anything but comfortable for the fans of the opposing players. It truly gave the Eagles a home field advantage, as the seams in the turf gave all opposing players worries. While the Vet ostensibly embodied the spirit of the Eagles fans, it was merely an ephemeral building which will be torn down in Feb. 2004. Eagles fans are anything but transient. Players, coaches and stadiums may come and go but the fans will always remain – whether to cheer or boo.

Some people find “Eagles mania” offensive, as it infringes upon other sports and attracts too much attention. Dr. Jim Hedtke, political science chai,r said, “Eagles

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Sean McNabb

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