Eagles fans keep the faith

By Lauren Gatto
January 30, 2003

Many of us are hanging our heads down low after the disappointment that the Eagles brought to Veterans Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 19. We all had hoped that this was the year that the Eagles were going to make it to the Super Bowl. A win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would have been a sweet victory to commemorate the last football game to be played at the Vet. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye with anger and frustration. The city of Philadelphia had lost its spirit and so had its fans.

While the Eagles were on their way to the top I was never so proud to be an Eagles fan. Everywhere you looked there was a flag, a banner, a sign and even blow up football players on the front lawns of houses. The skyline of the City of Philadelphia was lit up with white and green lights. Stores were selling out of Eagles jerseys faster than one could imagine. Chants for the Eagles could be heard in offices and restaurants. Strangers were hugging strangers. Everyone felt the excitement and it brought all of us together.

Now the neighborhoods have gone back to being quiet and the fans saddened by the loss.

Stop crying about it. So they lost this year. With a couple of new trades they can come back strong next year and try to win. Just think a new stadium could bring a new attitude, which could bring us a victory to the Super Bowl. There is no need to be upset about it now since there is nothing that you can do about it. So stop with the “coach should have done this” or “I can’t believe this player did that” crap. Suck up this loss and prepare yourself for next season.

To all of my fair-weather friends if you can’t hang on get off the bandwagon now and to all of my fellow Eagles fans keep the faith. EAGLES!

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Lauren Gatto

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