Eagles acquire two new assets: Owens, Kearse

By Staff Writer
April 1, 2004

This past Super Bowl, I feel was one of the best, because the Carolina Panthers, the underdog of the game, came from behind and almost turned the game around to beat the New England Patriots. Since I didn’t favor either team, I rooted for the Panthers because everyone wanted or thought the Patriots were going to win, which they did. The only problem I had was that the Philadelphia Eagles had worked so hard throughout the season only to end up losing to the Panthers in a depressing 14-3 loss. It was the third straight year that the Eagles had lost in the NFC Championship, but it was even more depressing this year because they had a 12-4 record for the regular season.

The new football season begins in September, and I for one can’t wait to see how far the Philadelphia Eagles will fly. Hopefully this upcoming season they will fly all the way to total victory, but unfortunately we won’t have a lot of the key players we had last season. A few of this years traded players were, Troy Vincent to the Buffalo Bills, Carlos Emmons is now a New York Giant, Duce Staley is now a Pittsburg Steeler, Bobby Taylor was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks and James Thrash has been sent back to the Washington Redskins.

Luckily we have added two major players to our roster, receiver Terrell Owens and defensive end Jevon Kearse. Last season, Owens had 80 catches for 1,102 yards and a total of nine touchdowns. Owens has averaged 93 receptions, 1,133 yards and 13 touchdowns over the past four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. Kearse, a former Tennessee Titan, has signed an eight-year contract with the Eagles for an estimated $66 million. I feel that both players will be a huge asset to the Philadelphia Eagles and I can’t wait to see how well they work with each other

Hopefully this upcoming season we will make it all the way! I have faith that the Eagles can do it as long as they don’t give up. That is, as long as McNabb doesn’t pose for the cover of Sports Illustrated again, because that is nothing but bad luck.

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Staff Writer

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