Dry away our concerns

By Sarah Pastor
November 4, 2004

For a small school, Cabrini has almost all of the perks and advantages of a big university. The classes are challenging, yet rewarding, the professors are concerned and helpful and even the athletic programs have a lot to offer.

As a freshman, I have only one complaint: the dryers. As most students in New Residence Hall will agree, the laundry situation, at least in my building, is absolutely ridiculous. The washers seem to work adequately, but the simple task of drying your clothes is a disaster.

Close to none of the approximately 15 dryers will even turn on, and those that do, shut off every 15 minutes. There are no knobs on any of the dryers to start them.

Unless you know someone lucky enough to have an extra one, the only way to dry your laundry is to break a knob off a washer and use it to start a dryer, and then guard it with your life so you can start it again in 15 minutes. This can become extremely frustrating when you have homework to do, practice to go to or a meeting to attend.

Needless to say, most students do not have the time to sit around by the laundry room and restart the dryers four times an hour. In many cases people will leave their clothes in the dryer only to come back several hours later to find their clothes still soaking wet. It has taken some students up to 24 hours to do a single load of wash.

This is absurd!

On behalf of all the students in New Residence Hall, I would like to request that something be done about this situation. Tuition for an on-campus student at Cabrini is $30,000 a year; we should at least have dryers that work.

Resolving this laundry issue would eliminate needless anxiety from a relatively simple task and make many students here, much happier.

Posted to the web by Paul Nasella

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Sarah Pastor

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