Drunk driving costs more than an uber

By Patrick Whalen
October 14, 2015

A popular form of transportation for students is Uber. Creative Commons

Cab drivers, Uber drivers, Lyft drivers and drunk drivers. Which is still “in”? What are college students doing about transportation on the weekends?

Recently, it seems as though cabs have taken the back seat when it comes to students choosing their mode of transportation. Although apps like “Uber” and “Lyft” are more in demand and may have better deals, some students still think it is always worth it as a last resort.

“Cab. All the time,” Anthony DiMartino, junior accounting major, said. “I would rather pay the extra money for a cab then get charged with a DUI and take the chance of losing someone’s life. One beer is a beer too much.”

Since Cabrini is a relatively smaller school, students do not have the luxury of having enough space to throw big parties. Therefor students almost virtually have to get rides to off campus destinations unless they chose to drive under the influence.

Cabrini is not quite a “college town,” but it is surrounded by a college atmosphere. Schools like St. Joes University, West Chester University, Drexel University and Temple University are all within around a half hour from Cabrini. Do those schools differ from Cabrini?

Rachel Taormina, senior speech pathology major at Temple University, has a completely different college experience.

“On campus parties we [can] walk but anywhere in the city we [use] Uber or Lyft,” Taormina said. “I’ve never actually even driven to a party without it being in a Lyft or Uber. It’s too hard to find parking in the city so no one drives to parties ever.”

Most Cabrini parties are at least 15 minutes away in the Conshohocken area which would come out to around $20 if an Uber or Lyft was the method of transportation.

“I think it’s probably easier at Temple just because the city has so many options like the subway, train, bus etc,” Taormina said.

It seems as though most students are avoiding driving while intoxicated or getting in cars with an intoxicated person behind the wheel. That should always be the case, unfortunately however, not all students are hesitant to risk not only their lives but the lives of others on the road.

According to the California Courts, vehicular manslaughter is the primary cause of teenage death in the United States as of 2015.

That is not even the scary part.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in 2011, around 1 million teens were drinking and driving.

Taking an Uber, Lyft, a cab or even a designated driver to a party is and should always be the only option. Yes, spending money on transportation sucks, but it is a much better choice.

The next time a decision is made to go out to a party on the weekend, stop and think.

What is worse?

Spending $20 to get to a party, or having mom and dad pay for the funeral service?

Patrick Whalen

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