Dr. Love On Meeting the Parents

By Staff Writer
October 18, 2001

Here’s the situation: You got lucky enough to score a few dates with someone you think has some long term potential. You’ve been on more than three dates and your family has come up maybe once. Sooner or later the time will come when you’ll painfully introduce your new friend to your parents. So when is the right time?

Truth be told, there is no right time. It just has to happen. It’s kind of like a pimple that way. You don’t really expect it to pop up, but when it does you’ll have to accept it. The goal of this watered down advice column is to help you make a good first impression. Remember, you only get one shot at this.

Even before you meet his/her parents, start to ask questions about them. Undoubtedly an awkward silence is going to come up when you meet them for the first time, so if you can ask them about their job you’re on the right track.

Never say,” Now I know where Susie gets her good looks from.” It’s pathetic.

This is especially true for the guys, don’t ask your girlfriends dad for a beer the first time you meet him. The last thing this poor guy needs is to think that his daughter is dating a drunkard. This holds especially true if you’re under 21. You deserve a thorough ass beating if try to pull this one off, I won’t feel the least bit bad for you.

Wear something that doesn’t scream ” I don’t give a sh$
nymore.” Your whole purpose is to show them that you are the person to be dating their kid, not some slacker.

Don’t wait too long to introduce your new love to your parents. It sends really bad vibes all over the place. It’s a relationship-ending type of thing. Be very careful.

I know how scary this can all be. It will take a while for you to feel comfortable around these new people but I’m sure that meeting you isn’t the most exciting thing to happen in their lives either. Try your best to take this whole experience in stride, it should all gel eventually, but until then don’t freak out. The other side to this debacle is not caring about meeting the parents or not. If you’re in this relationship for a few good meals and a few nightly desserts, then meeting the parents really doesn’t apply to you. But if your date insists just do it. Otherwise it’ll be dinner for one until you can convince another poor soul to let you take them out.

Oh, one last thing. Never, ever mention the movie “Meet the Parents.” Enough said.

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Staff Writer

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