Drive faster, drive smaller, drive longer

By Staff Writer
September 18, 2003

KRT campus

“Are you ready to go?” Lauren Smith, sophomore, business major asked.

“Yeah I’m ready. Who’s driving?” Lindsey Siock, sophomore, education major asked in return.

“Well I’m not, I don’t have any gas in my car.” Lauren said.

“Neither to do I. What are we going to do?” Lindsay replied. As Lindsay sat in her desk chair drinking her bottle of water, she turned back to Lauren and asked,

“Wouldn’t it be great if cars ran on water?”

Well, the scientists of the world haven’t yet figured out water-powered cars but they have been working on something new. This is something that powers cars, eliminating the deadly fumes and air pollution–pure hydrogen.

The hydrogen that powers these cars is taken out of water, through an electrolysis process. Hydrogen-powered, or fuel-cell-powered, vehicles have been being tested around the world since the mid 90’s. Some of the major automobile manufactures have created and tested these vehicles, such as BMW and Honda.

Fuel-cell power does not give off the fumes and pollution that natural gas powered cars do. However, there are a few kinks that the scientists still have to figure out. The hydrogen is highly unstable and it is flammable. Also, it will take a countless number of processes to get hydrogen stations installed in towns and cities.

Honda is said to lease a small number of these cars in the United States and in Japan at the end of this year.

To some, this may be a great idea, to others not so much. Christopher Sabatino, a resident sophomore said, “That would be cool. Anything’s better than gas.” Sebastian Dronski, also a resident sophomore, said, “It’s a marvelous world wide invention. It would bring about less pollution and a cleaner environment for the working class people.”

Hydrogen cars are being tested throughout the world. So, as you are driving, keep a look out for these cars.

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Staff Writer

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