Drilling in Alaska

By Kristin Agostinelli
April 21, 2005

Although I am a Republican, I am not supportive of Bush’s plan to possibly drill for oil in roughly 9 million acres of open land in Alaska. There are many pro’s and con’s that go along with this, but the way I figure it, there are more negative effects, especially on the wildlife that is living there, than positive effects.

One positive effect may be that if oil were to be construed from Alaska’s grounds, then gas prices may possibly fall here in the U.S. Considering the drastic rise in gas prices over the last year and a half, drivers would greatly benefit from this. The U.S. would not have to depend on foreign markets for petroleum. On the downside, endangered wildlife and plant species may be overlooked while trying to make up for a lost cause.

Bush has tried numerous times to drill for oil in Alaska. His first attempt was squandered, but now the tide may be changing. Already, 20 percent of the land that Bush wants to drill in is leased to oil drilling companies. Because there is not as many environmental standards set on this piece of land, the Interior Department would not have to go through Congress to gain approval for drilling.

I feel that Bush should not continue his efforts to gain a U.S. owned oil market on our own land. While it will benefit the mainland, it will possibly kill off whole species of animals and plants that have not yet been discovered. Wildlife thrives in Alaska, and if Bush were to drill for oil on the land that he specified, these animals would obviously not prosper. They would be pushed off their land and need to survive in a new area. To me, if Bush were to get approval to drill for petroleum, Alaska will lose its heritage and wildlife that makes it what it is.

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Kristin Agostinelli

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