Dramatically, Jana

By Jana Fagotti
September 25, 2003

My best friend always has ‘two things’ to say about everything. There are always two options, the way she sees it. Those of us with no patience at all, are simply looking for a quick-fix or the easy way out. Then again, there are those who prefer the long drawn-out method of over-analyzing and anxiety. So, what is the best way to handle shocking situations? Act or react?

The truth is there is no book that says, the analytical approach is wrong or the quick-fix will ultimately lead to doom. Every situation brings its own high points and low points.

Emotions are common ways of dealing with situations. Tears are not always planned. A smile is not always that easy. When there is something bothering you, sometimes sucking-it-up IS the right thing to do. Other times, you have to think before you act. But most times, the right answer is staring you in the face.

So do not assume you are ever alone. A real friend will be right there for you. Maybe he or she cannot make the decision for you, but they can give you the option of being true to yourself, and only YOU can make that decision.

Posted to the web by Steph Mangold

Jana Fagotti

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