Drake’s Clever Release “If You Are Reading This It Is Too Late”

By Leonard Brock
March 15, 2015

Drake gave his loyal listeners what they were asking for with this surprise. He is an artist that does not do many interviews. It is interesting that this was going to be a free mixtape.

For people that are tired of hearing 808s this will leave distaste in your mouth for it fills most of the instrumentation on this project. The 808 sound is found on many of the songs but he changes his flow up more times than he ever has done on any of his projects. “Madonna” is one of them. Madonna even likes the track. Her album drops next month.

He has established the spot as Club Banger King for he can choose almost any song before the “Wednesday Night Interlude featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR” to place well on Billboard charts. The project has already sold successfully as shown on the Billboard charts.  A “Legend” is what he has already become as being a record breaker. “Energy,” “Know Yourself” and “No Tellin” are just a few of those tracks. The first half definitely sounds like a mixtape.

11 through 17 are more like an EP as each song separates it’s self yet transitions smoothly. “Company” with artist Travis Scott is a song that would have fit as a puzzle piece between with a free song he released called “Heat of the Moment” and “You & the 6.” That is if “Heat of the Moment” was on it.

Trolls can say “emotional” but Drake was not as melancholy as his previous albums and mixtapes. In fact he is gutsier in fighting against becoming bitter.

As expressed on most of the tracks on this latest mixtape/album he is done playing “Mr. Nice Guy.”

There was no track like the intro track “Tuscan Leather” off his last album “Nothing Was The Same,” which he erupted on. That is okay though because he erupted on many tracks with notable lines.

The last track on this album “6 P.M. in New York” definitely had the NY sound. It was a similar sound heard on a song he released little before the “Nothing Was the Same” album with a visual to add to it called “5A.M. in Toronto.” A mastermind has been made out of promoting the album. Rather people know it or not they are making great notice with their own version of the album cover. A lot of people did the same when he put out NWTS album last year: Somehow always rise above it/Why you think I got my head in the clouds on my last album cover/The game is all mine and I’m mighty possessive.

The generator used to make this album cover made it for many would draw attention to his album even if people did not like the project. Talk about how it was genius to do his album cover this way for exposure. It was also a clever marketing brand for people all over Instagram were posting their own version of the cover and still are. There is much said on this mixtape/album that makes it for he does not have to really speak about much in an interview. It is obvious that if you are an interviewer he would be more interested in good questions being asked beyond the gossip and drama. That is to go with watching his “Jungle” film.

His team has been a board with him releasing there music and sharing it through different ways. Majid Jordan has two videos up on Youtube from their “A Place Like This EP” and PARTYNEXTDOOR is on tour.

He makes midnight music that is more than black and white on the album cover.

Leonard Brock

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