Dr. Nielsen adds insight into the biology department

By David Hare
September 19, 2019


Biology is an integral college subject that is taught to everyone who attends Cabrini University.  Anyone who is a student at Cabrini will have to embark in at least two semesters worth of biology courses before graduating.

Dr. Caroline Nielsen is currently a decorated associate professor in biology and environmental science at Cabrini University and has had a lot of experience in the world of learning and teaching.

Nielsen works alongside fellow biology and science professors to educate college students and inspires them to have a passion and understanding for the world that we live in.  Nielsen is also an advocate of attending climate change marches and calling government representatives to initiate new policies about climate change.  She received her undergraduate degree in geological and environmental science from Brown University.

Her love and passion for the world and the subject of biology have lifted her career into new heights. You can see that through all of her accolades and accomplishments.

Ever since a young teenager, Nielsen wanted to be a scientist.

“I attended Earth Day in 1990 and that inspired me to study science and biology,” she said.  Earth Day was what ultimately inspired the passion behind biology and ever since then, Nielsen has even been encouraging her young children to get involved in the study.  She regularly attends climate change marches with her children and even attended a speech that was given by Senator Elizabeth Warren on climate change.

Photo of Dr. Nielsen and Senator Elizabeth Warren at a speech. Photo submitted by Dr. Nielsen. 



Elizabeth Warren is in a political role as a senator and advocates for a lot of issues regarding the world and ways to make it cleaner.  After attending the speech, her and her children got the chance to speak with Senator Warren about issues to surround climate change. This was a very significant encounter especially because she got the chance to meet with someone who shares the same passion for climate change.

Another way Nielsen likes to spread awareness about biology and world issues is to write.  She recently just finished a book called “Unleaded” that discusses the topic of removing lead from gasoline to reduce the number of toxic chemicals that are filtered into the air.

The book’s primary focus is to talk about the history of lead exposure in the United States. The book highlights how being exposed to lead at a young age can be detrimental to brain development within young kids.  The amount of lead that was in gasoline was out of control and Nielsen pointed out just how bad it was getting for the environment and the for younger generation.

Nielsen also included how she believes in the idea of universal screening for lead and how it can make a difference for the environment.  The book is currently waiting to be published but it is an informational piece about lead exposure that all people should read to gain more knowledge about this issue.

Photo of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Photo by Fox News.

Dr. Nielsen has always shown an interest in green issues and strives to make the world a better and safer place.  After discussing the topic of the book, Nielsen also noted that she “ would like to donate 50 percent of the royalties to the National Resource Defense Council.”

The National Resource Defense Council was the government agency that helped to get rid of the use of lead in gasoline in America.  Nielsen believes in the agency’s mission and is delighted at the fact that gasoline does not contain lead anymore.

Some words of advice that she would give to the people of this country would be “Not give up.  It is important to highlight our small victories.”

This statement was given after Nielsen inquired that many people just give up and have no hope for the betterment of this country.  Highlighting the small wins and striving to be better is what we need to do as a country in order to solve the major problems surrounding climate change and pollution.

David Hare

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