Balancing Law and School

By Kevin McLaughlin
January 29, 2020

Ronald Katkocin has been teaching business law since the fall of 1993. In 2001 Katkocin taught constitutional law. “I remember specifically it was the fall of 2001, because I remember teaching my students the constitutional ramifications of what would happen after Sept. 11th,” Katkocin said.

Dr. Katkocin is an attorney for his law firm. He has been since 1985. Katkocin travels from his law office in Mount Laurel to get to Cabrini. “Coming from New Jersey certainly does not make it easy for transportation purposes,” Katkocin jokingly said.

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Dr. Katkocin holding an old written article of his. Photo by Sierra Dotson.

Katkocin is an adjunct professor of business law and is an attorney as well.

Katkocin has enjoyed teaching Cabrini students. Katkocin also appreciates and supports the other professors here as well. “I like the students, I enjoy the environment and I like the professors here as well,” Katkocin said. The dedication that is put into practice each and every day is something that Katkocin has always had great appreciation for as well.

There have been a handful of students who have gone on to practice law after taking business law with Katkocin. “Some students of mine have gone on to practice law, but there have not been many that do,” Katkocin said. “The few that do usually let me know and stay in touch to a certain degree.”

Katkocin wishes that more of his students would further their interests in law and pursue it as a career. Katkocin has a reason as to why many of his students do not further their in education law. “There is a disconnect due to the fact that I am in the business department and not many business majors pursuit going to law school,” Katkocin said.

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Dr. Katkocin at his law firm. Photo by South Jersey Law


The most difficult aspect for Katkocin is staying up to date with the technology here. “In teaching the one course now, I don’t have the ability to stay on top of all the technological changes,” Katkocin said. Many times in Cabrini Learn there is a difficulty in finding the photo list. “It is practically impossible for me to navigate this and figure out how to get that list,” Katkocin said.

In 1980, Katkocin graduated from here and discussed the changes since his departure as a student. “When I was a freshman here at Cabrini, it was the second year men lived on campus,” Katkocin said. “I lived in Counsel Hall, which was the extent of male resident life.” Katkocin was among the 13 men who lived here during this time period. Katkocin was here during the building of the Widener Center as well. Katkocin stated that the classes are much larger and that there is now a graduate program in place for students.

Michael Lelli, sophomore business major, has an interest in business law. “It could definitely benefit me in the future if I find a passion for it,” Lelli said. While business law is not a required course it is something that Lelli finds appealing and considers it to be worth a shot. 

Katkocin has a daughter who attends this university as well. Camilia Katkocin, a senior that majors in political science and philosophy expanded on the workload her father carries on a daily basis. “On top of all of this he is an amazing father to me as well,” Camilia said.

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Camilia Katkocin (middle) standing with her mother and father.  Photo provided by Camilia Katkocin



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Kevin McLaughlin

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