Down to Earth

By Jennifer Dalvano
April 18, 2002

katie Reing

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated throughout the world to raise awareness on the conservation of the world’s natural resources. Although Earth Day came about as a campus movement led by students, it is now become a major educational and media event.

Think for a minute. When you hear the words Earth Day what comes to mind? Did you think about all the environmental problems that the world has? That is the whole point of the day. To hope that you think about the pollution of the air, water, the destruction of thousands of plant and animal species and the wasting of our natural resources such as oil and fuel.

The whole point of the day is to make you realize that this planet won’t last forever if we keep destroying it. The planet is a beautiful place that many of us take for granted. We don’t realize that when we throw things out the window, our car is cleaner, but that we are adding to the pollution of OUR planet, the home of us all.

In the midst of thinking about the Earth, the day hopes to focus on the solutions that will reverse the negative effects of human activities. We have come along way, we recycle now more then ever, we conserve energy and fuel to the best of our ability, and we protect endangered species, and ban destruction of the rain forests.

With the beautiful weather approaching, you’ll be outside more and more. You might play Frisbee, or go swimming in a lake, go for a bike ride, or even a jog. Take pride in the world around you. Just because Earth Day is only internationally celebrated one day a year, doesn’t mean you can’t let the effects of this one day last all year through.

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Jennifer Dalvano

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