Dorm Room DJ 101

By Diana Ashjian
September 30, 2004

The Recording Industry Association of America ( is on a crusade against online file sharing. A recent 506 “John Does” have been named defendants against illegal downloading. So what’s in your downloads? To rookie and veteran students alike: don’t fret! There are plenty of places to get the tunes you want that won’t predispose you to a potential subpoena in a court of law.

Just don’t engage in “modern piracy.” Or, basically, just don’t upload any copy writtenmusical material and leave it available for the rest of the curious mouse-clicking world to easily access it. Die-hard Napster fans can still disc-jockey it up devotedly, just no longer free of charge. For 119 big buckaroos, you’ve got yourself a one year subscription to all that Napster has to offer as well as a free sport radio at www.Napster. com. offers us free; original music.

And, get this music lovers, can even post their own music for any online aficionado who’s willing to take it up. All you have to do is rate other peoples’ music. Are you a future protege of Dr. Bethany? Or are you just a loyal fan of her Survey of Music class? Get to, where you can tap your feet along to Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude” until you turn blue like the link that got you there.

Free of charge, of course. Then there’s always good old MTV, our quintessential bulletin board for pop culture. If all you’re really interested in is something cool to jam to from some goodies like, Maroon 5 or Janet Jackson, then is where it’s at.

Most genres of music are available, such as rock, pop and hip hop. To download music from you must first become a member, which binds you to terms of agreement, like receiving advertisement email.

So, there you have it Cabrini. The musical world is at the command of your fingertips, and it’ll stay that way as long as you steer clear of online piracy (sharing copy written materials) and play fair in the sport of downloading. Rock on!

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Diana Ashjian

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