Dorm issues piling up

By Samantha Glackin
October 28, 2005

A broken window screen, clogged drains and a hardly-heated building is not what I am paying for with tuition. Trying to contact facilities numerous times with no sign of a response is a trying task, and with the vast array of problems that my room has accumulated, our patience is running thin and the aggravation is ever building.

I live in house 3, which happens to be well kept and very clean in comparison to other housing facilities on campus, yet little things are slowly starting to break and become much larger issues for us as the residents of our room.

The idea that I am paying large amounts of money to live on campus makes me feel that I should be given at least some sort of contact back regarding when they are planning on fixing our room problems. Even if things such as a drain or screen are my nut in comparison to other’s issues they probably face on a day to day basis, it is still annoying and very frustrating. Such problems aren’t even issues our RA can address. She has been very helpful, yet the other people who can lead us in the right direction to fix these problems are the people who have yet to even e-mail us back.

Waking up every morning with cold seeping through our windows because of a missing screen that fell out of our window by itself is not a pleasure and will drastically get worse with the winter season that is quickly coming. I just hope to get these issues fixed soon, so I will continue to contact the facilities department in order to resolve these problems.

I think that if you’re paying this much money not only for an education, but for housing, you should at least have decent heat and a working shower.

Posted to the web by Tim Hague

Samantha Glackin

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