Don’t let fashion take over your personality

By Cristin Marcy
April 10, 2003

Angelina Wagner

Fashion is imperative to a person’s reputation. How many times have you described a person based on what they wear? You know that guy that wears that baseball cap all the time, or that girl who has those Prada shoes or Kate Spade bag. Sure we have all done it. I will be the first one to admit it.

Fashion can really place a stereotype on a person. If a person wears warm-ups and sweatpants all the time, they may automatically be labeled an athlete. Or if a male takes pride in his wardrobe and likes to shop, well he has to be a homosexual. Clothes can say a lot about a person, but give you the wrong idea. And of course when a woman shows a little skin, we all know the names and labels that people may call her.

When I see people wearing white shoes all year round, yes, I think they have committed a fashion faux pas but it does not change my opinion of the person.

The one thing that gets on my nerves the most is when someone “gets dressed” and everyone asks them, ” you’re all dressed up, where are you going or what are you doing today?” Like a person has to be going somewhere important for them to wear clothes other than sweatpants and hoodies. People make assumptions that do not exist. I know it happens but it should not.

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Cristin Marcy

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