Don’t download, get it for free

By Charles Bush
November 6, 2008

Free music! is a music Web site that allows you to listen to any song in the world for free.

Now you can’t download or copy music to a computer or MP3 player but you can create a playlist on the site and access it at any computer in the world.

You can either first create an account (that’s free) or you can just go ahead and type in an artist or song in the white box at the top of the Web page that clearly states, “Type in artist name, song title or a combination of both.”

Once typed in, the site finds your song, you hit play and bam! There your song is. The songs are on high frequencies so the sound quality is that of iTunes, although it is a bummer that they don’t give you any kind of purchasing option, you can never take your playlist on the go with you unless you hold your laptop up to your ear and walk around like back in the ’90s.

“It’s a pretty good idea, but pretty useless. I just go on you YouTube,” junior history and secondary education major, Andrew Ciccaroni said. may be a little pointless. Some students think, “It’s cool but I have iTunes,” junior biology major Whitney Shields said.

It does have it’s fair share of uses. Suppose your iPod runs out of batteries while you’re in the library typing a paper, you can pull up your playlist and instantly have music to listen to again. also allows you to not only listen to music but browse other people’s playlist, see up to date music news, and blog with community members.

“Smart idea and very convenient. But I’m surprised they’re not charging for a membership since nowadays every music service charges monthly fees or something,” junior business major, Liz Zimmer, said.

Also, a plus that will surely hook 95 percent of the college population, the site allows you to share you playlist on Facebook, Myspace, hi5 and other social networks.

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Charles Bush

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