Don’t call it a comeback: Selena Gomez’s new album “Rare” is out now

By Angelina Halas
January 16, 2020

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Selena Gomez has done it again. The “Lose You To Love Me” singer, who reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 this fall, has released a new album titled “Rare” on Jan. 10. This comes four years after her previous album release “Revival.”

Over the past few years, Gomez has dealt with her on and off again relationship with Justin Bieber while also battling lupus. Gomez’s hope for this album was to show her fans where she is now in life. Despite there being such a gap between her two albums, people feel that this was the perfect time for her to come back.

The 27-year-old singer has over 166 million devoted followers on Instagram. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

“I know some people might be hesitant to listen to her because of how she’s been gone for so long,” freshman early childhood special education major Courtney Kovatch said. “But I think it’s the quality of the songs that matters. I think this break for her was very vital to her writing some good music. I feel like this is her time.”

Kovatch continued to express love for the album touching on the how the album is more relatable than ones in the past, something Gomez was going for with “Rare.” She also enjoyed how you can feel the self-love Gomez has for herself now and it’s something that wasn’t seen before.

According to Billboard, Gomez has a soft, delicate and whispery voice but that wasn’t really exposed until the release of “Rare.” In the start of her music career, most of her music was highly processed and auto tuned.

Gomez being true to herself and honing in on what she is actually capable to do vocally is something Kovatch picked up on and praised Gomez for taking this step.

“This album really showed her voice without auto tune,” Kovatch said. “I really think this is her best album because it’s very raw and real and you can hear her voice for what it is.”

Sophomore business management major Stephanie Piro agrees that this album is one of her best.

“I’ve been listening to it since it came out and so have my friends,” Piro said. “This album could definitely reach No. 1.”

Piro also touched on how relatable this album is, making it one of the many reasons “Rare” could gain much attention and have more and more listeners.

Freshman biology major Theodhora Qyshkollari agress with Kovatch and Piro that this is her best album.

“She’s really found herself this time,” Qyshkollari said. “She took a break but now she’s back. It’s her time and she did great.”

According to Billboard, Gomez’s album is aiming for the number one spot on Billboard’s 200 chart. Photo from @selenagomez instagram.

Gomez’s album may have just come out a few days ago, but there’s already some drama attached to it.

As many followers know, she previously dated Justin Bieber and this album is meant to be her goodbye to him to show that she’s grown and moved on with her life.

Justin Bieber has recently released a single titled “Yummy,” leading up to his release of an album sometime this year.

Many fans of both Gomez and Bieber are curious to see how Bieber’s album will come out and if there will be anything in his album relating to Gomez.

However, according to Forbes, comparing the two isn’t a great idea and the two albums should just be standalone pieces.

The site states that “Bieber and Gomez deserve to have their albums evaluated on their own merits, rather than pitted against each other because of their romantic history.”

Find the perfect song from Gomez’s newest album. Created by Angelina Halas through Canva.

Overall, “Rare” has been extremely well received amongst fans and critics. Variety states, “Five years ago, saying that Selena Gomez had released one of the best pop albums in recent memory probably would have invited skepticism at the very least. In 2020, believe it.”

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Angelina Halas

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