“Do not call lists” protect against telemarketers

By Chris Jones
October 9, 2003

Click. This is the sound of the phone slamming after being annoyed by another telemarketer.

The national “do not call list,” which over 15 million people have signed-up for so far, is for anyone who does not want to receive irritating and disruptive telemarketing calls. “I understand that businesses need to promote themselves, however I personally find it an invasion and annoyance,” Chris Heistand, health and wellness educator, said.

After registering online, the Federal Trade Commission automatically sends a confirmed link, by way of e-mail, to registrants in order to verify a request to be placed on the “do not call list.” Registrants then have three days to confirm or else they will not be added to the list. As of Oct. 1, telemarketers that violate this list will be fined and could face up to $11,000 in law suits per call.

According to CNN, Americans who have already said that they don’t want telemarketing calls may have to fend off sales pitches from other directions-such as e-mail or snail mail at the front door.

Though the “do not call list” protects residences from telemarketers, there are some companies and organizations that are exempt from this rule.

Fortune magazine said that airlines, banks and credit unions, insurance companies, charities, telephone surveyors and political organizations are all exempt from the “do not call list.” This list can also be ignored by companies that already have an existing relationship with you.

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Chris Jones

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