Domestic violence awareness month

By Kevin McLaughlin
October 26, 2020


For every minute that passes, there are nearly 20 people who are physically assaulted by an intimate partner. On average, this equates to just over 10 million people per year. Also, the 66 percent of the 10 million people every year who are physically abused do not receive medical care for the injury results. This has lead nationwide hotlines to receive over 20,000 people calling in everyday.

Ryan Calderaro, junior business management major, commented on what domestic abuse is. “To me, it is a partner who causes some form of harm to a person they are in a relationship with,” Calderaro said. Making this type of abuse known to everyone is what Calderaro believes needs to happen to reduce the number of victims who experience this. “I would make sure people understand how serious this is, and to provide resources for those who need it,” Calderaro said.

Grace Fox, junior communication major, believes that domestic abuse does not get talked about enough. “I believe that domestic abuse happens more often than what we hear,” Fox said. “People are very scared to talk about this issue,” Fox said. A solution to the issue, according to Fox, is to help any victims that people know personally. “I think people need to speak up and seek help for victims who’ve suffered,” Fox said.

Photo of a woman with a domestic abuse message on her back. Photo by IORAK Photography
Photo of a woman who has endured physical abuse. Photo by Kat Jayne


National Domestic Violence Hotline

The hotline for national domestic abuse has provided assistance for those in need of serious help. The organization’s website provides information on identifying abuse, strategizing for safety and supporting victims.

Identifying abuse

Domestic violence occurs in different forms. Regardless of someone’s age or sexual orientation, many fall victim to both physical and emotional abuse. Physical abuse can be defined as any form of touching that is considered  inappropriate or harmful in anyway by the victim. Emotional abuse can be identified through several different ways. Manipulation is mentioned as one of the key factors in this form of abuse. Making an intimate partner feel guilty, or pressuring them into something they are not comfortable with would be a form of manipulation.

Strategizing for safety

This hotline allows for strategizing how to improve both physical and emotional safeties. There are tips on how this can be done when an intimate couple has children or pets. Protective orders and other legal resources are provided by the hotline incase issues become worse.

Supporting victims

Domestic abuse is a battle that can be won with support and assurance. Helping victims understand that whatever transpired was not their fault is key. Supporting the decisions that were made by domestic victims on leaving their abuser is a major component to the healing process. Patience and honest conversations can provide a comforting feeling which shows that no victim should ever fight alone.



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Kevin McLaughlin

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