Do you have to go to the Dixon Center to stay fit?

By Staff Writer
March 1, 2019

The Dixon Center

The Dixon Center is known on-campus for its expansion to include the athletics and recreation pavilion.

Graphic by Brooke Fertig

The Dixon Center is known to host a variety of classes and events for students ranging from all angles of the fitness spectrum. Often times, these are available to students at no cost if they are currently going to classes full-time.

The Nerney Field House is used for a variety of activities that includes college sports teams and clubs.

Does a full-time college student have to go to their on-campus gym to stay fit? 

Tiffany Williams is a business major from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. She became a health and fitness coach for Beachbody On Demand a few years prior. Williams claims she lost 50 lbs from eating healthier and working out each day, all from the comfort of her dorm.

“You can actually do a LOT of exercises at home without a gym,” Williams said. “Beachbody gave me a ‘Netflix’ of fun, high intensity, and very effective workouts that I could do from the comfort of my room or home any day at any time. “

Abby Wellner is a marketing major at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wellner purchased dumbbells and resistance bands to workout from her apartment to avoid her college gym. Wellner believes she was able to get into amazing shape from the comfort of her own apartment.

“As someone who had severe gym anxiety, there was no way I would ever stay consistent with a fitness routine,” Wellner said. “I was terrified of my college gym!”

Benefits of working out with others

In utilizing a college gym, such as The Dixon Center, you are allowing yourself to better your body while enjoying the company of others. There are additional benefits to working out with other people, rather than on your own.

  • Increase in social skills: Often times in developing an exercise routine, individuals develop friendships. Friendships and connections are vital for mental health.
  • Increase in confidence levels: Group fitness and scheduled classes help to provide beginners and novice fitness enthusiasts the information they need to properly perform various exercises.
  • Advancement in willpower: It has been studied and proven that individuals who workout together often times workout more than if they were alone. From competitions, to simply enjoying each other’s company, there typically is a longer workout involved.
Graphic by Brooke Fertig


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Staff Writer

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