Do we really need FEMA?

By Lia Ferrante
November 5, 2012

I believe that FEMA is a great agency that provides our country with good resources when our need is crucial from natural disasters that ruin our country as a whole. Hurricane Sandy was a tragedy that no one in this country wanted to go through. It devastated many lives and many homes were ruined. Unfortunately, many people didn’t know how FEMA was going to do after this tragedy because of their bad responses to Hurricane Katrina, Hugo and Andrew. They didn’t provide the fast and efficient assistance that was needed after these disasters happen. FEMA had big shoes to fill when they were coming to help the east coast after Hurricane Sandy occurred.

FEMA’s number one priority is to make sure that America is safe at all costs. What sets apart FEMA from other help agencies is they provide the governor of a state, city or town an extra hand. What I like most about FEMA is their expertise on supporting and always providing resources after a huge disaster to our country. The part that amazed me was seeing how FEMA can help provide resources across multiple states. FEMA also has many responsibilities on how it functions with different states in the country and to the local government. FEMA provides help with assisting states, local governments, tribal governments and U.S. territories, and providing long-term step programs to be able to reduce the damages and devastation from disasters. An issue that people cannot see eye to eye with FEMA is many people don’t understand how it is being distributed evenly around the country. People want to understand how the aid is being handed out. The problem is many states do not have the organizational skills to understand how to handle a natural disaster accordingly.

“When a state is overwhelmed, or a disaster involves several states, FEMA supports-but never replaces-the local response,” stated in NY Times article.  What is incredible is the ability for FEMA to be able to bring people together after a terrible tragedy such as: Hurricane Sandy. The U.S. needs to be aware of our emergency management system and it response to threats and helps an aftermath from disasters that ruin our homes. “When disaster strikes, FEMA has a vital part in how we as a nation protect life, liberty and property,” stated in NY Time article.

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Lia Ferrante

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