DMB & Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Present: One Sweet Whirled

By Gina Roswell
February 7, 2002

For those who always search for good reasons to eat ice cream, your wishes for justification have finally come true! Dave Matthews Band, Ben & Jerry’s, Music Matters and have all teamed up to create a new ice cream sensation that will not only uphold the great Ben & Jerry’s reputation, it is also meant to help stop global warming.

Consisting of caramel and coffee ice creams with marshmallow, caramel swirls and coffee-flavored fudge chips, this new ice cream craze is called “One Sweet Whirled.”

By creating this new flavor, hopes are high that people will be encouraged to commit to reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as to encourage Congress to aid in the cessation of global warming. Targets are not only environmental activists, but also DMB fans, as well as all of the “Ben & Jerry’s fans” who undyingly support their favorite brand of ice cream. In addition, however, the partnership hopes that people will realize what a good cause they are supporting, thus initiating more support to make a change.

Portions of every sale will go to the DMB’s Bama Works Foundation, which is an organization created by the band that provides aid to numerous charities. Portions of each sale will also benefit’s global warming efforts.

The official launching of the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor is not due until April of 2002, but “One Sweet Whirled” can be found in most grocery stores, beginning this month.

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Gina Roswell

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