Dixon hosts Fair Trade wallyball

By Staff Writer
March 15, 2007

Emily Buerger

As gym-goers trudged into the Dixon Center from the snow-filled parking lot on Wednesday, March 7, they were greeted by more than the usual smell of chlorine. Visitors entering the lobby that afternoon, walked-into a fair trade wallyball tournament designed to inform and entertain.

After bouncing around ideas as to what sport would be played during the tournament, according to the assistant director of recreation, Orlin Jespersen, the athletic department decided on wallyball, which is volleyball played on a squash court.

In an effort to link the wallyball tournament with the theme of fair trade, it was consciously determined that only volleyballs manufactured under the terms and conditions of fair trade production would be used.

“It’s hard to get students to stay, let alone come, for an hour and a half. So, that’s why we have a projector set up and pamphlets to distribute. They can come, be informed and go on their way,” assistant professor of business administration Dr. Mary Harris said.

About an hour after the tournament commenced, fifteen competing teams had been narrowed down to the remaining top two. In a battle to claim the top spot, the dueling teams decided to play three sets; the team with the best out of three would be declared the winner of the tournament.

With two sets played, the score was tied, 1-1; the final set would determine the winner. In a blow-out victory, [the “Accounterminators” took the win 11-3.]

“I thought this was a great idea from the start; it proved to be great fun today. Hopefully we can do something like this next year,” women’s lacrosse coach Jaqueline Neary said.

Staff Writer

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