Dissed by teacher, another saves face

By Heather DiLalla
November 13, 2003

Steph Mangold

I never thought the day would come for a teacher to tell a student that they could not help them. This has been my past experience with a Cabrini teacher. There I was shocked and speechless that the word “no” came out of my teacher’s mouth when asked with the simple question, “Can you help me with this assignment?”

I have found that in three years at this school, I have had very little problems with the teaching staff. However, any problems that have occurred happened to be with a part time teacher. It seems they have little concern for the student’s well being, and more of an interest in getting their paycheck.

I know most teachers would jump at the idea of a student wanting to better himself or herself, but as I have learned, not all teachers are that way. Am I the only person who has had a bad experience with part-time teachers?

The reason why I decided to come to Cabrini was for its small size. I felt I could take advantage of one-on-one sessions with my teachers if need be. I could have easily gone to Millersville or some other state school that is drastically cheaper. I decided against a big school because I knew that I would need individual contact with a teacher.

I am thankful that I have had full time teachers for classes that gave me difficulty in the past. Math was a subject that never made sense to me, but after taking Dr. Brown and literally living in his office, I received a B+. I was able to drop by his office before a quiz or a test or stop by and ask him a random question. Without him and his willingness to help me, I would not have passed that class. Maybe if the part-time teacher’s had office hours or an office that a student could go to, I would not be having this problem. I do not expect teachers to jump at my every call but to just say no?

I know that in another year and a half, I will be out of college and in the real world. I am aware that I will be responsible for my own work and I cannot rely on my boss to nurse me through every problem. But then again I am not paying him 30 grand a year for an education.

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Heather DiLalla

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