Dining Services celebrates one year of zero trans fat

By Meghan Hurley
April 19, 2007

This semester, Cabrini Dining Services celebrated one year of serving zero trans fat products. The change was gradual and went product by product. Suppliers had to sign agreements that their products are free of trans fat. Now, everything that can be trans fat free is.

“Everything from the little product like the cookies to the bigger products like the chicken patties are trans fat free,” Robert P. Veasy, the executive sous chef, said. “It’s our responsibility to make sure this happens because students don’t really think about this.”

This is part of the bigger campaign by Sodexho, Cabrini’s food service provider, to eliminate trans fatty acids from their products. According to a press release from Sodexho, “the zero trans fat products now sourced by the company include salad dressings, sauces, soups, bakery products, snacks, cereals, condiments, breaded chicken, pasta, eggs and frozen potatoes, tortillas, oils and shortenings.”

Using trans fat free oils to cook with has little effect on the taste and texture of the food. Sodexho will also not accept products that have added saturated fat as a substitute for trans fat.

“Everyone is more aware of being healthy and there is a new outlook on how we should be eating,” Veasy said.

Dining Services now order over 300 items that have zero trans fat. This policy is in effect in the Marketplace, Jazzman’s Cafe and Sandellas.

“I didn’t even consider trans fat before, but now I’m glad to know I won’t be eating it,” Amanda Stout, a senior English and communication major, said.

Trans fat is a growing problem and has been directly linked with obesity. According to an article in USA Today, trans fats increase the bad cholesterol levels in the body and lower the good cholesterol levels.

“This is the direction the world is going,” Niemann said. “It’s a help to students, at no inconvenience to them.”

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Meghan Hurley

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