Digital Christmas 2012

By Lia Ferrante
November 21, 2012

Barbies, board games and coloring books are out of the question this year for Christmas gifts. For Christmas 2012, the latest ticket items are all digital products. People of all ages this holiday season are expected to get one of these electronic items under their Christmas tree. Electronics are a must-have and are perfect for that special someone in your family or even your significant other. As a matter of fact, children of all ages are even putting these items down on their Santa list, hoping when Christmas morning arrives that they’ll be in their stocking.

The best tablets for this 2012 holiday season are the new Kindle Fire HD, the new iPad mini with its great clear display and amazing quality camera, the Microsoft Surface which is perfect for parents or relatives that are busy in the workforce, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which enhances excellence in a mobile device. In addition, Apple came out with the new iPod Nano and the Apple iPod Touch. These MP3 players are a music lover’s dream come true because they include mobile internet without being tied down with a contract.

Christmas is a huge time of year for children of all ages to write down their favorite gifts with the hope Santa will grant them on Christmas morning. The new item from Crayola is something that can’t be missed. They recently came out with the iMarker + Color Studio HD App. The iMarker allows kids’ imaginations to run wild. It’s a digital marker, crayon, pencil and paintbrush all in one. It interacts with the Crayola ColorStudio HD app on the iPad that brings children’s drawings to life. It includes bringing to life the characters that have been drawn by adding music and sound.

This holiday season will make your wallet burn with discomfort but in the end, your digital item purchases will last and you will not be disappointed.

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Lia Ferrante

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