Did your high school prepare you for college?

By defaultuser
September 16, 2005

Jerry Zurek

adam poresky
psychology major
monsignor donovan high school
“I don’t feel high school prepared me as well as they could, but most of my problems come from time management.”

cristina romano
psychology major
girard academic music program
“I feel that I was half prepared. Since I went to a small school, it was good preparation for another small school, but I needed a few more skills.”

kelly taylor
marketing major
bishop shanahan high school
“I feel as though high school only partially prepared me for college.”

brittany mcintyre
biotechnology major
st. hubert high school
“I feel that I was well prepared through my A.P. classes and concerned teachers.”

nick church
computer information
science major
pottsgrove high school
“Yes, I felt prepared in everything but foreign language.”


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