Department split could lead to less-steady career paths

By Karli Morello
March 8, 2007

Recently, the English and communication department has split into two separate majors. Basically, if you are a communication major, you don’t have to be an English major and vice versa.

I personally am just an English major but I have taken a fair share of communication classes, including writing for the Loquitur.

I haven’t had any complaints about my class options and requirements so the split doesn’t necessarily affect me. But I do have a split decision if it is a good idea or not.

Since communication and English are both very broad subjects, I think it was a good idea to have them as one major because it opens up more options for the future. A student with these majors has their choice of becoming a writer, a journalist, a radio producer, an advertiser and so on.

With the split in the departments, there might be less of a steady career path for students interested in these two majors.

For example, an English major now only has to take their core classes and English requirements which doesn’t leave them with much more of a skill rather than becoming a better reader and possibly a better writer.

It also doesn’t give an English major the opportunity to experience communication classes as I have. Of course, a student can always pick them up as electives but without the want, there is no need.

I am very glad that I decided to take more communication classes rather than sticking with the requirements because I broadened my knowledge of what is out there after college. I also picked an internship in the communication field, just to try it out.

I now have experience in journalism, mass communications and public relations which I really didn’t know much about before taking those classes.

The only dreaded requirement, in my opinion, is of course career development. Although it is only about three to four meetings a month and a senior skills presentation in your fourth year, it isn’t fun. One thing I did gain from that class was what the job life is like. I have heard people speak about what they did after college in the communication field and it helped me realize there is more than what I see.

With the split in the departments English majors may not have that opportunity because career development is a communication class.

I have no regrets taking all of my communication classes, including writing for the Loquitur. They all helped me realize what I may or may not want to do after college because I really had no clue when I got here; I just knew that I liked to write.

The split in the department in my opinion may not be the best idea that Cabrini has in terms of giving their students opportunity for experience.

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Karli Morello

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