Delaware vs New Jersey

By Catharine Hernson
October 17, 2002

Chris Jones

Catharine Hernson

Delaware is not as boring as it’s cracked up to be. There’s a whole lot more going on than just a bunch of farms that want to be a part of Pennsylvania, as everyone likes to think.

Wilmington is one of the coolest places to grow-up. Living in a small city has its advantages. You learn to deal with an urban environment at the same time as being a quiet small town type of atmosphere. You don’t get this kind of city in New Jersey; it is either the ghetto of Camden or the farmland of Cranston. Of course where I’m from you can go form the a main road to gental rolling hills with horses out in a few seconds, for a nice change of pace.

Delaware has everything Jersey does, except for the stench and the nuclear power plants. Oh, and the Delaware beaches are much cleaner than the Jersey shore. Not to mention the bigger waves and the best rock n’ roll bar on the east coast.

Not only does New Jersey have all kinds of polutants inhabitting the air, they have the worst drivers ever. In Delaware the state respects the people it liscened to drive enough to allow them to make left turns, and find their own way in an intersection instead of creating a circle.

I mentioned to my counter-part not to do much state bashing, as there is really nothing to say badly about Delaware, there is just not much to it. New Jersey on the other hand is the most made-fun-of state in the union.

Think about it, the only two states that border Jersey do nothing but crack on Jerseyites all day long. New Yorkers hate the inhabitants of north Jersey. Why, because the people of New Jersey want to be from New York. The only comeback Jersey has for this insult is, “Well, New York City should be in New Jersey.” But it shouldn’t. New York is cool, Jersey is not.

I’m not going to continue with the slaughter of New Jersey, it’s not worth my time. I tend to like a challenge rather than a straight-up beating of my opponent.

Delaware has no sales taxes, and the some of the lowest property and income taxes in the U.S. Even with this lack of forced income Delaware remains one of the richest states. Corporations come into Delaware and love the state so much that they stay for years. This includes the Purdue chicken company.

The best part of my home state is probably the fact that you can make contacts with everyone in the state. Senator Tom Carper lives down the street from me. Size doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to use it.

Jana Fagotti

New Jersey: The land of the (shore) breeze and the home of The Meadowlands, which houses the Jersey Devils, Nets, New York Jets and Giants.

My home state, New Jersey, may not be the largest state but it certainly towers over Delaware. Jersey is home of Atlantic City, which is not only the casino-central of the east coast, but it offers a boardwalk, the beach and one of Jersey’s airports. If that doesn’t satisfy you enough try vacationing in Ocean City, Sea Isle, Wildwood, Avalon, Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island, or come take ride at 6 Flags Great Adventure.

As opposed to the boredom that Delaware presents its inhabits with, the Camden Waterfront is the home of the Tweeter Center for those concert-goers. Our radio stations play Jersey stations and do not primarily depend just on those of nearby states.

Delaware was the first state and remained so boring from day one that rivers, valleys and bridges were named after it. The Delaware Memorial Bridge, for instance, was named so because the state is literally “dead”.

Dela-where? I cannot help but feel bad for the Delawareans. Okay, they a have a big mall, but if you blink you may miss what little scenery the state has to offer. We have miles of beautiful farmland and greenery in Jersey, as well as 365 days of fresh produce including Jersey corn, tomatoes, peaches and blueberries. Delaware can only offer canned goodness that just doesn’t cut it.

Delaware is nationally known as being nothing special. Hollywood producers did not hesitate to mock the state in the hit movie Wayne’s World, “Imagine being able to be magically whisked away to . . . Delaware. “Hi, I’m in Delaware.” Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

“The Sopranos” is proudly filmed in northern Jersey. Kevin Smith, of Jay and Silent Bob, also grew up in Highlands, NJ. (His big sister attended Cabrini and was Loquitur editor in 1985.) Jersey is the home of Springsteen who wrote the song “I’m In Love With a Jersey Girl.” (Jersey girls: We’re one of a kind.) No one in their right mind would ever write a song about Delaware girls.

Delawareans make up three percent of this college campus, while Jersey clocks in at nineteen percent. I cannot help but feel bad for my fellow state of Delaware because it doesn’t stand for much. But, New Jersey, it just makes sense.

Catharine Hernson

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