Deer lurk in Cabrini woods, pose threats

By Shane Evans
November 11, 2005

Shane Evans

Coming back to campus after a nice relaxing weekend at home, you pull into Cabrini’s campus and begin the journey around the curvy entrance to your dorm. It is pitch black and the road is very hard to navigate. With your high beams on you take the first turn rather sharply.

Then you see it.

You slam on the brake pedal as hard as possible and hope that the precious front end of the car comes out of this the same way it came in. Luckily, there was no impact and you breathe a sigh of relief while sitting idle in the middle of the road.

When you look up, you expect the road block that you almost slammed in to, to have vanished out from the front of your car.but it’s still there. Staring back at you like nothing happened. A glazed look plastered to its emotionless face.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Well, to many people who pass through the campus of Cabrini college, it is a sometimes all to frequent occurrence.

Deer are the other inhibitants of this lovely campus that we live on, and they don’t pay the bill that we all do, but they definitely cause as much damage, and definitely are not many peoples favorite neighbor.

But the fact of the matter is, this campus is often times overrun with the fury mammals and we have no choice but to live in an uneasy harmony with them. Freshman pre-pharmacy major Courtney Marino has already had a bad experience with deer and does not like seeing them on campus in the least,

“My roommate Lori and I were driving out of the Dixon Center to go shopping when two deer ran out into the road and we came really close to hitting them. Lori had to slam on the brakes and I felt like I had whiplash from the car stopping so suddenly. Now, I notice the deer everywhere and I am constantly reminded of that incident, and it’s something I honestly want to forget because of how scared I was.”

Besides those students who are troubled by the deer while driving, Caitlin Dougherty had an experience with our other inhabitants while trying to practice lacrosse,

“A bunch of us went up to the field hockey field to throw the ball around one afternoon and when we got there, scattered across the field were at least eight deer. We played for a little bit, but they did not leave and it was just really creepy to have them there while we were trying to play, so we left pretty soon after we got there,” Dougherty said.

These types of instances are commonplace around campus and the unfortunate thing is, there isn’t much that can be done about the situation. Deer are permanent members of this campus and there really isn’t a way to have them removed.

People will always have problems with them being here and there are going to be situations where people are put in moderate danger, but until something really serious happens, these four-legged creatures will continue to roam around Cabrini at their leisure. The best thing we, as humans can do is to just tolerate their presence and try to make the most of it.

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Posted to the web by Shane Evans

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Shane Evans

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