Deas focuses on becoming a 3-time All-American

By Diana Vilares
April 12, 2007

After placing sixth at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Indoor Track and Field Championships, finishing with a 7.23 in the 55 meters, junior social work major Lauren Deas is on top of her game and reflects on what keeps her going.

“I had been to Nationals three times prior, so I already knew what to expect,” Deas said about her recent visit before coming home with her win. “I prepared myself for this meet. I made sure I went in there with a clear mind and ready to do my job, which was to run my race.”

Deas’ main focus was to “become a third-time All-American,” but confessed to being scared, nervous and having no method to mentally prepare for the race, even with her previous experience.

“Going into the race I wanted to come out the winner. That was where I was at mentally. But I didn’t win. I came in sixth,” Deas said. “I set my goals high. But when it doesn’t go exactly as I want it to, I don’t get discouraged. I know I will get them next time.”

“Disappointment comes with the territory when you’re an athlete,” Deas said.

“When I run, I really don’t run with motivation. The Lord blessed me with talent and I will use my ability to the fullest,” she said. “My friends and family are my support system. They expect me to do well so they are kind of like my motivation.”

Deas’ goal is to make it to the Olympics, “make it to the next level.” She said that she depends on the push and extra enthusiasm from her support system to help her get her there.

Diana Vilares

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