Deas helping to make a difference on and off court

By Se'Quia Bailey
November 25, 2012

Many mothers believe that their child is uniquely different. Senior women’s basketball player Renee Deas is not only a star on the basketball team but she is a shining star in other aspects of life.

“I know Renee is special,” her mother, Denise, said. “She is very wise for her age and is very determined.”

Deas, a Philadelphia native, attends Cabrini as a psychology major.

Deas heard about Cabrini through her cousin who took an accelerated course here.

“I didn’t know where or what Cabrini was until my cousin graduated from here,” Deas said. “I just knew that this was where I was supposed to be.”

That’s exactly what Deas needed, especially since she wants a career where she impacts, directs and challenges youth.

As a first-year point guard for the Lady Cavs last season, Deas appeared in 26 games averaging 4.4 points 1.8 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game.

“Renee is one of our players that comes off the bench and adds so much fire and energy to the court,” head coach Kate Pearson said.

Deas was also named to CSAC All-Academic Team. But it’s not all play with no work for Deas.

“One of my first jobs was working at a daycare. I worked there for four years and from then on I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” Deas said.

Currently Deas does Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) as a mental health technician.

“I just know I want to make a difference in a child’s life,” Deas said. “I know that I can impact and influence them in a way to think deeper than the average person and believe that their differences is what makes them unique.”

Deas plans on attending graduate school and continuing TSS work. It’s something that she is very passionate about and have been for a while.

“Renee is very shielded in who she lets in and get to know her,” Deas’ mother said.

“I never tell people what my plans are; if they are going to support and be there for you they will just do it,” Deas said. “Plus when you tell people your plans they have expectations that you feel obligated to uphold.”

Deas advises those in life to learn time management early. She also advises that youth as well as adults learn the importance of critical thinking. She believes that critical thinking challenges your intellect beyond what you would normally think and it helps you to become a stable person.

Although you will see her being a jokester on and off the court, she values her education to the extreme because she wants to make her family, especially her mother, proud.

Se'Quia Bailey

Hello, My name is Se'Quia Bailey I am a double major in Criminology and Communication. I have been a staff writer for the Loquitur newspaper for two years and co-lifestyles editor for one year. I am the manager of the Women's basketball team at Cabrini College as well as a Student Ambassador. I devote time to community service as well.

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